Work With Me

Thinking you might be ready for a coach? Read below to find out more about next steps.


My Coaching Process


I align myself with you as an individual.

I meet you where you are in life, without judgment, without assumptions, and ready to actively listen.


Together we perform a discovery session to clarify needs

We work through a series of questions and exercises to break through any assumptions or bias and determine a clear view of your future state.


We determine if I am the right person to help

I make no assumptions at the beginning of a discovery call that I will be the right person to help. My goal is not to sell something or to win your business, it is to determine your needs and obstacles and determine if I am the right fit.


I propose a course of action

Once we are clear on what the future state is and what obstacles are in the way, I propose a way that I can work with you to reach that future state. I describe the type of coaching that would be needed so you can make an informed decision.


Together we work towards a solution

If at this point you decide we should work together, we begin our journey. We lay out our path, clarify costs, and determine which methods we will use to evaluate our success. Then we begin!


If this sounds like it would be of benefit to you, please contact me by email at jim dot karwisch at gmail dot com or phone at 404.272.1212