What is an “Impossible”?

During Impossible Coaching we focus on a goal that has hit a wall and feels as though it will never happen. That wall may be constructed out of fear, a lack of clarity, a difficult connection to an individual, an ill conceived policy, or a skewed story we have been told by others.

For some clients, an impossible is being unable to make any more headway towards a goal on their own, and they are seeking help to move forward. For others their impossible has grown in their mind to a completely unachievable and tangled mess. If either of these describes you, it may be time for impossible coaching.

Impossibles are in most cases a combination of the stories we tell ourselves, incorrectly framed obstacles, missing connections, a lack of consistency, or insufficient clarity.

A few impossible examples:

  • I have to speak in front of my entire company and the CEO, and I am going to choke!
  • I will never get this promotion, and I have been trying for five years.
  • I will never find a person who understands me, with whom I can partner for life.
  • I need experience to get funded and I need to be funded to get experience.
  • I am hopeless at networking, but I have to network to get what I want!

The IC Process

  1. I align myself with you as an individual. I meet you where you are in life, without judgment, without assumptions, and ready to actively listen.
  2. Together we perform a discovery session to clarify needs. We work through a series of questions and exercises to break through any assumptions or bias and determine a clear view of your future state.
  3. We determine if I am the right person to help. I make no assumptions at the beginning of a discovery call that I will be the right person to help. My goal is not to sell something or to win your business, it is to determine your needs and obstacles and determine if I am the right fit.
  4. I propose a course of action. Once we are clear on what the future state is and what obstacles are in the way, I propose a way that I can work with you to reach that future state. I describe the type of coaching that would be needed so you can make an informed decision.
  5. Together we work towards a solution. If at this point you decide we should work together, we begin our journey. We lay out our path, clarify costs, and determine which methods we will use to evaluate our success. Then we begin!


Jim is a highly creative and insightful individual, not only is he goal oriented but he has the ability to be extremely personable with out losing sight of, or getting sidetracked from the task at hand.

Nate Dorn Freelance Photographer, Retoucher, and Video Director NateDornImages.com

Jim is a story teller at heart — which makes his ability to convey a message and create a memorable experience first-nature to him. He is curious, he is passionate, and he is a joy to work with. There are simply not enough people like Jim in working world.

David Lee Innovation at UPS

I highly recommend Jim’s detailed coaching for interview and presentation preparation. He has helped me to improve my job market interviews and academic paper presentations. The outcomes from my job market are very positive and I indeed appreciate his help.

Joonki Noh Assistant Professor of Banking and Finance at Weatherhead School of Management

With his warm, funny yet no nonsense style of teaching, I felt safe, confident, and supported.

Amy Tardo McCoy ScrumMaster at MessageGears

Jim helped me to improve many different aspects of my life. I found that I am much better now
in listening, accepting of ideas/suggestions, thinking outside the box
and public speaking.

Darya Jordan Assistant Vice President at Bank of America

Jim is the living embodiment of “Be interesting by being interested.”
He genuinely cares about the people he works with. Because of this, he
is able to really get to know a person, dig deep, and help them make
personal and creative breakthroughs that they never would have made on
their own.

John Sexton Founder of Map & Fire

I’ve never worked with a better improv teacher/coach than Jim
Karwisch. The lessons he has to share– about support, about listening,
about existing completely in the moment, about positivity and group
mind– won’t just change the way you think about improv, they’ll change
the way you think about LIFE.

Bret Love Co-Founder & Managing Director at Green Travel Media

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