The Lie We Believe

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In preparation for our new improvised fictional podcast entitled “Your Secret’s Safe With Gus” we read through K.M. Weiland’s “Creating Character Arcs” and found a treasure trove of applied theory. She writes about “the lie the character believes” which is an amazing concept. The Change Arc is all about the Lie Your Character Believes. His […]

What is your Next Right Thing?

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Today I hopped on a video chat with Sebastian Ruf, my partner in improv crime over at to talk about our plans for the next season of our podcast and the troubles I was having with getting in the right head space for Season Two. Over the course of our conversation, we broke down […]

The Confidence Wrench

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People who meet me and know me from a speaking or coaching setting often have a difficult time understanding how I could have issues with confidence in the other aspects of my life. When I am on stage or one on one with a client, I find myself free from self-judgement and at the top […]

Do you allow room to surprise yourself?

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As I was watching my five-year-old today, I saw him react with surprise at his own success during an outdoor activity. We had driven 30-minutes to a state park in Georgia where volunteers had set up lots of outdoor stations. Canoe rides, archery, BB guns, rock climbing, fishing, and more. For my son, there seem […]

The Crab Mentality

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If we are focusing on intentional interactions with others, it is necessary for us to know what it would look like to succeed at intentionality and what it would look like were we to fail. Today we add the concept of The Crab Mentality. Crab mentality, sometimes referred to as crabs in the bucket (also barrel, basket or […]