Symbiotic Reciprocal Services on Simbi

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As I was searching for a way to trade services or barter with those in my community, I found a site called Simbi. The name is a reference to Symbiotic Relationships: Symbiotic relationships are a special type of interaction between species. Sometimes beneficial, sometimes harmful, these relationships are essential to many organisms and ecosystems, and […]

The 99 Foot Extension Cord

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There I stood, electric hedge trimmers in one hand and a ninety-nine-foot extension cord in the other. On the ground in front of me lay a one-foot extension cord. At this moment I had three items that were essentially useless. There was the hedge trimmer which now had no power, and two wildly different links […]

Did someone get your GOTE?

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I learned about GOTE in my freshman year of college as I was studying theatre. GOTE, which stands for “Goal, Obstacle, Tactics, and Expectation”, is an acronym devised by Robert Cohen and was introduced as a way to approach playing a character and telling great stories. I took that approach and applied it to improvisation, […]